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02 March 2015

birthday snow out at the lake

Last week I celebrated my 55th birthday with a snow storm. Did it snow where you live? It's never snowed on my birthday. It never snows in Mississippi. I've never had a weeks' holiday for my birthday. The snow started out as sleet last Monday, then quickly turned to snow, a kind of magical blanket that transformed the Delta into an exotic winter playground for my "grownup" friends and me. Since then it's been constant phone calls about where to meet up. Warm  fires, movies, and hilarious late-night texts. Twice baked potatoes, wet clothes and muddy boots. Snowball fights. Snow ice cream. Snow slip and falls. On the night of my birthday, I was out with my friend Lisa whose birthday was the day before mine. We'd been with our friend Rebecca to a play. Lisa and I were sitting afterwards by the fireplace in a restaurant downtown with salted caramel and turtle cupcakes and Prosecco I'd smuggled in. A woman we'd never seen before walked up and handed us a $100 bill. Buy you some birthday drinks, she said. My friend and I decided we'd rather go shopping, so we left the party raging and went to Wal-Mart at midnight and bought exotic groceries. I should have taken more photographs, but I was too busy playing in the snow. Here are a few from some birthday reubens my friend James threw together for me at his house out at the lake. And now for more magic because it would appear that [drum roll] Monica is going to have her baby boy this week 


26 February 2015

Colbie Caillat - Try

this is one of those songs you hear on the radio when you're driving down
the road and you think the song is speaking directly to you. i feel incredily
high school saying my favorite line is "when you're by yourself do you
like you." so tell me: what's your favorite line?

bringing 40 back [save the date]

this morning i woke up on my 55th birthday and made a lot of plans for my future.

one plan is to finally have my 40th birthday party this summer
when it's not snowing and when i'm not doing mid-term

grades summer being a better time for parties

because it's really really hot
down here in mississippi.

the party is only 15 years
late but who cares?



so save the date 
and get ready to throw down 

23 February 2015

a believable grand-mother

I almost bought a couch last week. A sectional, actually. This because I'd been in Jackson at Monica's all weekend helping her get last minute things done before she has her baby. He's due in two weeks, but my gut tells me he's going to come early, so everything is now all about the baby. I'd been in high mother mode all weekend and loving life. I made potato salad AND tuna salad on the same day. No small feat for someone who's been off active mother duty for the past six years.

22 February 2015

martinis anyone?

a little sunday inspiration with my old stool from the barn & new martini glasses 

20 February 2015

back at the barn + blueberry muffins

 three years ago today i came to live in a barn in the middle of the wheat fields in greenville, mississippi. 

the barn of course didn't look this way when I first moved in.

to celebrate this anniversary, i asked nan, my former landlady, if she would sell me the paint-spattered stool you see above with the bird's nest fern on it. 

she sat on it for several decades doing her husband's books for his heating and air conditioning business, and she told me she didn't really care about selling it, but she would give it to me. 

i went over and picked it up before she changed her mind because i need this stool

in my next house

i mean

in my next story