Sunday, July 27, 2014

freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

You have to try this and tell me what you think. You know that thing where you wake up in the midldle of the night and cannot go back to sleep? And the worries start circling around inside your head like a giant Ferris wheel gone mad? Just get up and light a candle and don't look at yourself in the mirror. Turn on some music you love and start doing some things that need doing and look inside your heart. Waking up at my aunt's house at 3:30 this morning - I got up and decided to clean out my purse. And inside a zippered pocket I find sonethings I'd forgotten - a big wad of cash tips I made waiting tables in Greenville this spring and earrings I brought back from Istanbul. A sure sign that I'm about to start traveling again. And as if that weren't enough good signs for future happiness - I logged onto Pandora and Janis started belting out Me and Bobby McGee - and I knew immediately where I'm going to go put down roots, where I will call home, and where when I'm not off traveling you can always be sure to find me #happyendings

Thursday, July 24, 2014

begin again + blackberry muffins


Some July evenings threaten to swallow you alive. It's as if you've spent the month being with family and friends and doing all the things you imagined you'd do in summer. Then the weather starts to change. The rain comes and the beautiful sunsets of summer disappear. And there's a temporary lull in what you imagined

Saturday, July 19, 2014

he got down on one knee

Monica is engaged! I've finally given up trying to schedule her for the kind of photo shoot she wants and decided to lift this selfie she's posted on facebook. Her soon-to-be-husband - Rob - was planning to pop the question next week at the beach but could not wait. A couple of Sunday afternoons ago - he got down on one knee and produced a little square box. She of course said yes! I am thrilled to have Rob and his adorable 13-year-old son Kobe become part of our family. And what with her sister's wedding already in the works - I am of course officially beyond bankrupt!

Friday, July 11, 2014

I Origins

This week I ran through New Orleans on my way back to Hattiesburg from Long Beach and got a surprise invitation from my friend Alice to a showing of I Origins at the Prytania Theater. I love surprises - so finding myself sitting inside the Prytania seeing a film that isn't yet out in theaters made me feel - well - I liked it. I like being in cities because cities make me feel inspired. And alive. I loved this film and will definitely go see it again when it opens on July 18. You should go see it cold - the way I did - and be surprised by it. And you should definitely come back here to tell me what you think. I left thinking this is the kind of film that needs to be talked about for several hours after you see it - say - back at home with a bottle or two of good wine. Some great food. And two or three good friends. A thought that reminded me that I need a new place to live so inspired me to buy some bookshelves today. And to borrow these photographs from one of my favorite websites A House in the Hills over there in Cali [thanks Sarah for loaning me your gorgeous dinner x]

                                                                                        Astrid Berg├Ęs-Frisbey photo via here  

Thursday, July 10, 2014


We have here a new blog category for Thursday called "girls night out." It's based on the idea that if only we girls lived in the same town - we would be meeting up Thursday nights to get up close and personal and to talk about books and love gone wrong and moisturizer. I think it would be fun if you made a list of what you're currently up to - I came up with the "currently" idea because I woke up this morning with a general sense of "what AM I doing with my life besides mother work and teacher work" and so came up with 10 words and wrote a short sentence about each - hard for me to do because I have too many words inside my head. Doing this really made me feel better sane. If you do this - and I think you should - I would love if you shared your ten things in the blog comments so other blog readers could enjoy seeing what other girls are doing currently x 

a house. even though i will rarely be there because of work and travel.

The Fault In Our Stars. the book's so much better than the movie.

myself circa 2006 - the last year i was rocking out teaching, mothering & rental house swag.

to Hotel Costes on Pandora because i love the head space it puts me in.

after 12 years of living/writing memoirs - i'm going to stop thinking and start living.

go of the camera. letting other people see me through their lens [thanks TC for the pic].

nothing new - i'm packaging books, stories and poems before I start something else.

salads with edamame - recipes soon to follow.

protein shakes - recipes soon to follow.

that i haven't colored my hair in 7 months and may never color it again. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a. brocato spumone


                                                               214 North Carrollton Avenue New Orleans