desperate english teachers

20 May 2015

seniors last day of class!!!

it's 6:10 in the morning and i've just rolled out of bed. i was supposed to be up at 4:00 finishing a job application so i could press the send button on it then make the answer key for the senior english iv exam and scan the answer sheets by 7:20 this morning when i have to be at work and get ready for the craziness of posting final grades and tomorrow - senior certification day when hundreds of seniors will be running around school waving their exit papers in teachers' faces for signatures saying you're done with my class you passed yo peace out go on get on up out of here go live your life ... i've got lots of stories to share - stories about babies and daughters and house stuff and flower and food stuff and this summer and the future and photos to edit and photographs to take and plans to make and moves to make but i've jumped in the shower and have thrown on some clothes and brushed my teeth and am going to the parlor for some sausage and toast and feeling like 18 all over again no maybe feeling 18 in a way i never felt because if at 55 you're in the right place there's nothing in front of you but choices a whole world filled with them and freedom stretching out in front of you like a long lazy cat and the year that felt like it would never end and the story that felt like it would never end is suddenly coming to an end and our song is on the radio and yo this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 May 2015

blame it on the rain

I'm not sure what kind of photograph goes with this story. What with it being one of those 4 o'clock Tuesday mornings with bad lighting and yesterday being a bad case of the Mondays.

You know the ones that start off with a nasty hot rain and end with a bad haircut and a phone conversation with your daughter who needs something you her mother cannot give her.

In between you'll get nasty news from work.

Quick question: What do you blame your bad Mondays on?

15 May 2015

meryl hart

houston we have a baby girl. she arrived two weeks early on a day storms and flash floods shook east texas. her mother married a californian who lured her here with an engagement ring. her grand-mother married a cowboy decades before who told her he would take her to live in texas but never did. her great-grand-mother married an air force lieutenant she'd known 3 months who actually did take her from mississippi to live in texas - austin. that was 1955. a few months ago - her aunt married an aussie by way of texas. women in our family - we have a thing for texas. and we cannot wait to see what this baby girl's texas story will be.

11 May 2015

we could go off on a wild kate bush bender

this morning i could find it easy to do any one of three things:

1. call in sick & sleep all day because i'm so sleep deprived;
2. drive to texas and hang out with mary ann while she waits for her baby;
3. go off on a wild kate bush wuthering heights bender made of romantic wailing about how i cannot believe i only have three weeks left to work out a contract i made in a moment of desperation a few months after i came back home from istanbul over three years ago that landed me inside a barn in the wheat fields of the mississippi delta and

blah blah blah.

instead, i'm simply going to do what good grownups do, something i find myself doing more and more these days.

something that makes me a little sad, in fact.

i'm going to do what i'm expected to do:

1. show up to work and fake excitement until i feel it;
2. start cleaning off my work laptop and vacuum my apartment one last time so i can be ready turn in my work desk and apartment keys and grab my bag so i can drive out to texas once mary ann's baby is on her way in a few weeks;
3. update my resume/CV and apply for teaching jobs for august 2015.


deep sigh.

oh well.

what wild kate bush urges are you having to keep at bay this cloudy monday morning?

my photos from istanbul {sigh}

09 May 2015

life with men & children [status update]


tell me. how are you surviving your life with men & children these days? a brief vacation i took from life with men and children [if you don't already know this about me] afforded me the luxury of living and traveling like a college girl for the past 7 years. now all that's changed and - as usual - i'll be trying to come to grips with these changes by writing about them. so if you're just joining me here introduce yourself and give me your status update [story follows the read more line]

05 May 2015

happy teacher's appreciation week!

i thought it might be fun to re-open my blog by saying hello and happy teacher's appreciation week to some new teacher friends i've made while i've been on a much-needed social media break. i thought it might be fun - too - to pull out photos and stories from my istanbul teaching days - since the 5 months i spent working for a private Turkish high school in Istanbul are the 5 months in my 10 + years of teaching high school that i felt truly appreciated in so many ways. just remembering how well put together i was those months makes me feel a bit embarrassed that lately - i've looked kind of like a homeless person with two English degrees. here i'm in Bagdat Street wearing my Fenerbahce colors and about to go to a parade then to watch a soccer championship game [am looking forward to answering questions some of you have been asking about teaching overseas].