18 March 2014

cappuccino at cat island coffee house

How many coffee houses do you need in order to be happy? I wonder. As far as I'm concerned - a coffee house in every port. Any port in a roadtrip. At least that's the way I felt last Thursday when all attempts to re-create the hot bright roadtrip I made out to the desert a few years ago failed due mostly to stormy weather at home with my family and the light not being right for the photos I wanted
to take and my decision to give up on home and the roadtrip and to drive back north to the Delta to hole up in a barn and think things you should not think when you're holed up by yourself in a barn in the Delta then a phone call from New Orleans then a u-turn on Highway 49 North and another trip south to New Orleans via Pass Christian where I happened up on the most beautiful new coffeehouse. Why I could not blog this story in real time - why I could not Instagram these pics in real time - don't ask. Don't ask about all the post code envy I was feeling 6 days in to spring break. How I felt I might not ever at any point or place feel at home again here on this planet. The point of this story as I see it looking back: Where you're at right now may seem a storm that will never quit. So maybe you should just throw some bags into the back seat and hit the road and change your zip code. You may make a wrong turn or two - a u-turn or two - but I swear within a couple of days or weeks or maybe even years - you'll find yourself like me - sitting staring out at the Gulf of Mexico [or some similar gorgeous place] drinking a cappuccino with a perfectly-shaped heart inside it & thinking surely this is a sign that the skies are about to clear.

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