05 April 2014

you only live once

This morning I had to dry off with paper towels after I took a shower. This because I took all my dirty laundry to the fluff and fold yesterday and it was such a big load because I haven't had my laundry done in weeks that they didn't get it all done. Last night I had to use blankets to make up my bed and to sleep on pillows with no cases. This because I said no to
two of the hardest invitations I've ever had to say no to because 1) I knew I wouldn't make it back to the barn before the sun came up and 2) I knew I could not do what I'd been invited to do and get through the day I have coming up. Yesterday morning I washed my hair with conditioner because I'm out of shampoo and drove to work with a towel on my head. This because my adorable friend & adopted baby brother Jonathan E. Schoolcraft came to the Delta for three days during his spring break and I did my very best to rock my teacher job while helping rock his and his friends' 20 something spring break world. Here's what I've learned. Leaving your hair up in a towel until you get where you're going then shaking your head out like you're a wet dog then putting your shades on and never worrying about how it looks - so much fun. And consuming copious amounts of starbucks coffee and shipley donuts etc can turn your 54 year old world into something you haven't seen since you saw your face inside your high school yearbook #yolo

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